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Artwork and Logo Design

Adding your organisation logo or name to your uniform is a key customisation that most teams want. There are many applications (embroidery, screen printing, transfer prints etc) to reproduce a logo but all start with good quality artwork.

 We can’t over-emphasise the importance of having the correct art. Using a trained graphic designer can seem expensive but not only will their input produce a better logo, in the long run they will save you money, and a heap of frustration by providing you with the right file types for reproducing your logo.

At Selector Uniforms we have our own ‘in-house’ design team. Basic text logos we produce free of charge. For more complex designs our designer will provide you with a quote.

For screen printing we need ‘vector’ art. Without going into a heap of technical detail this includes AI, EPS, CDR and editable PDF file types. Bitmap file types (JPG, PSD, TIFF) are usually unusable, or at best require considerable work to redraw into a useful format.

Other monogramming applications are more forgiving but having good quality, high resolution art is still important to getting a good quality reproduction.

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