Artwork and logo design

One of our most popular requests is adding a company name and logo to a uniform. When you’re looking to get branded uniforms, you want your branding to be prominent, but it’s just as important that your staff look and feel good too.

While we have a skilled and experienced team who can use several different methods of applying artwork to different fabrics and materials, they’re dependent on the design that you provide to us. So while we can reproduce any artwork, we need high-quality artwork to start with.

Using a Graphic Designer

We highly recommend using a trained graphic designer before getting in touch for custom branded uniforms.

We can’t overemphasise how important this artwork is. If you used a graphic designer to create your artwork, then great! We’ll guide you in helping us get the right files for the job. If not, we suggest looking into using a designer first so you can have high-quality artwork for your product. We’ve found in the long run, it saves time, frustration and money by investing in doing it right from the start.

If you don’t have a designer in mind, then we can help!

What to provide us

There are many different file types that artwork comes in, and we’ll need a specific file type depending on what method we decide to use. 

Screen printing, for example, needs vector art. Without going into too much technical detail, vector art will be in a file type like AI, EPS, CDR, or an editable PDF. Standard images like JPG, PNG, and GIF are bitmap file types and often won’t work for screenprinting without considerable rework or converting into a vector format.

A quality result is essential for everyone, and that starts with good-quality artwork in the right format for the job. 

If you’re unsure about what to provide us, that’s okay. We’ll make sure to let you know early what we need for your branding method. 

To find out more about our different methods, see our branding page.

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