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Branding, monogramming, logoing, whatever term you use for adding your organisation name and logo to your uniform, Selector Uniforms has a suite of applications to help you achieve a high quality result. After all you're not interested in the technicalities, just with how good it looks, and how durable it will be. You can rely on Selector Uniforms to provide the peace of mind that the outcome will meet your expectations.

There are a number of means of applying a logo – embroidery, screen printing, transfer printing, sublimation printing. Choosing the best method for a particular job can be confusing, with differing production criteria, cost structures and quality profiles, often making the choice confusing. With more than 20 years of experience branding apparel, we are able to offer unbiased and knowledgeable advice on the best option for you.

Screen Printing

Sometimes known as silk screen printing. Your artwork is separated into separate colours and printed directly onto your garment. Colours can be matched to specific PMS colours, and will last the life time of the garment.


Your logo is stitched, providing a high perceived value and quality that can't be matched by printed logos. Easily repeatable; perfect for small, multi-colour logos.

Computer (CAD) Cut Transfers

Cut from various forms of vinyl media and applied using a heat pressed . Ideal for small run, single colour logos, names and numbers.

Digital Transfer

Printed onto media using a digital printer, and applied with a heat press. Pretty much any digital file can be printed. Good for highly detailed logos & small runs.

Plastisol Transfer

Pretty much like screen printing, except the logo is initially printed onto special paper and then applied using a heat press. Why? Good sharp colour registrations; can be applied to products not suitable for direct printing; and can be stored and used as needed, minimising some of the fixed set up costs.

Sublimation Printing

Unlike screen printing the dye is imbedded into the actual yarn of the garment. Only possible on polyester fabrics – usually onto panels prior to construction but also possible onto suitable base garments. Bright, sharp, permanent colours.

For details check out our handy downloadable Monogramming Help Sheets which gives the pro's and con's and the artwork requirements of each application.

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