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We meet people like you every day and we’re here to help make your job as easy as possible. We’ve been doing just that for organisations like you since 1993.

At Selector Uniforms we will assist by matching you with the garments that best meet your functional needs and the level of customisation that you require. You just need to select the right look!

The first step is to identify your team’s specific apparel requirements. By answering these questions it will assist you in identifying the garments most suited to your needs:

  • Your preferred colour palette? Do you need to match it to your organisation colours?
  • The size range needed (kids/unisex/women)?
  • Is there need to match different garments, either now or, in the future, a range of styles (tee/polo/jacket/hoodie)?
    • What is the purpose of the uniform & the environment where it will be used?
    • The functional requirements (whether it needs to be waterproof, easy care, sport v casual etc)?
    • The size of your budget?

Having identified your key requirements you now have guidelines for your search. Either use the search features on the site, or you can give us a call or email with your requirements and we’ll identify a selection of garments for your consideration including:

We recommend that you use this information to identify the styles that are most suitable for your purposes, and then respond to us with your feedback. Hopefully from the information provided you will find a garment that meets all your requirements but, if not, we will use your feedback to identify more suitable options and send more information.

Once a suitable uniform has been identified we will:

  • Provide a full quote. You can do this online in our Quote Cart (These quotes are suitable for funding applications to charitable trusts).
  • Assist with any presentation you may need to make to your organisation.
  • Assist with sizing of your order – use our sizing charts and/or request sizing samples.
  • Assist with development, if needed, of any logos you require

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